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An easy to use ear training tool available online. Make sure your volume is set at a comfortable listening levelóit starts right away!

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The Royal Conservatory of Music site provides information and resources for students interested in taking practical or theory exams

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The following is a list of useful resources on a variety of topics relevant to students of the piano.

Music is a detailed site for reading and ear training.† Staff identification and Keyboard identification will strengthen reading skills while Ear Training will work on aural skills.† If clarification is needed for theory principles, check out the Lessons.

Music is also a great resource for practicing intervals. Just select the intervals for your level, choose the direction (ascending or descending), click for each new example and it keeps a running tally of your score.

The Piano Techniciansí Guild site details the pianoís general history and provides information on the various historical models.† Itís a great resource to help put Baroque, Classical and early Romantic keyboard compositions in proper context.


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