“Fran is an outstanding piano teacher whose love of music shines through to her students. She not only taught my daughter the theory and practical knowledge to prepare her for the Kiwanis Festival and Royal Conservatory Exams, but she also taught her a love of music that she will carry with her to adulthood. Fran takes the time and effort to get to know the personality and nature of her students and gears their program accordingly. She provides her students with the tools to be successful and is both professional and caring. I would highly recommend Fran to piano students of any age or ability.”

Kim P— Lauren’s mother


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I want you to know just how proud Jenny is of her performance at Kiwanis....just can't stop talking about it.  We got  a note home from her teacher today telling us how she was bragging about her success. 
Thanks again for all of your support and guidance with piano for our girls.  Although they don't recognize the long term benefits, we certainly do and appreciate how great you are with them both.

Darlene T— Jenny’s mother

“For me a good teacher must love what they are doing and be passionate about it. These are two of the wonderful qualities that Fran possesses. My years with Fran as a teacher took me from not being able to read a note to playing in recitals. Fran was the kind of teacher that wanted to see her students progress and made sure that was what we did.  I knew that Fran had always taken time out of her life to prepare for my lesson with new pieces that she thought I personally would enjoy learning  To this day I still play a piece she picked out for me by a Canadian Composer,  Ann Crosby . Fran left my area a couple years ago now and I tried other teachers after but, the fit just was not right.  I guess once you have had the best, no one else quite measures up.  For any parent or adult student considering piano lessons, I would definitely recommend Fran Martin-Winchester.  She is #1 in my books and her moving away was my loss.”

Debbie B.

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